Pop- up Camper Tricks

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Pop- up Camper Tricks

If you think that owning a pop- up camper will entirely brush off those rugged outdoor experiences, then better think twice. You might have all the facilities you ever wanted right inside that RV but still there are those that will cause a problem or two. Those are the things that have not been written in the manual guide then you end up discovering for yourself that this and that should have been here and there. Well, as they say, experience is the best teacher. You will never ascend to another level if you would not go through mistakes.

Now, here are some clever advices for those using a pop- up camper from Mike Bentley, webmaster of www.popupcamping.com.

* Watch out for the tenting on the glide- out dinette or if the beds do not slide easily, there has to be a good reason.
Mike Bentley came close to destroying the clear vinyl windows on the glide out when he was attempting to fold the trailer for the first or second time. He said, “Gee, this bed does not want to go in, does it?” The next time he opened up the unit, he noticed grease stains on the glide- out canvas and distortion on the vinyl windows.
For a pop- up camper trick, make sure the glide out tenting is pulled away from the beds before sliding them in or out. If the beds don’t slide in easily, stop and take a look.

* That little water connector where the outside shower hose connects to the faucet is as strong as a twig.
Mike Bentley found out that the outside shower hose was kinked. Since the water did not come out, he straightened the hose and snapped it. That was a pop- up camper trick he just did.
However, if that comes up, the warranty will always cover a replacement.

* Even if you are on an incline, the pop- up camper trick is to chock the front and back of the trailer wheels.
Mike Bentley was setting up a unit in front of his house. He used a wood block under the wheel closest to the curb to compensate for the “crown” in the road to make the trailer leveled. The road in his house is a little steep so he utilized the tongue jack he had. As soon as he raised the coupler off of the ball, the trailer lurched forward uphill. It impaled the coupler into the plastic bumper of his minivan. The problem there was that the curb wheel was on the block but it was too close to the front of the block. It rolled right off as soon as the coupler was free.

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