Simple Ways to Protect Your Home from Nature

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Well, for those home owners who do not have storm shutters, storm windows or storm doors you might just be relying on your insurance. For anyone whom has ever dealt with insurance knows that not only does it take a long time to receive funds but the process itself and time spent is not worth it.
As technology increases so do the ways that we are able to protect our homes from nature’s fury. Storm windows are engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions, such as hurricane forced winds to hail, debris and rain. Now a days not only do these protective shields guard our homes during inclement weather but they also help to insolate our homes making it more energy efficient.
Not only that but in the case of noise reduction and sun damage these windows muffle outside noises and reduce the amount of noise it emits from the home regardless if there is a loud football game or party and holds a protective layer that prevents the suns harmful rays from fading drapes, furniture, hardwood flooring, and carpet.

In regards to the storm doors there are 3 basic styles: Removable glass storm doors, Non-removable glass storm doors, and self storing glass storm doors. Storm doors are installed outside of exterior doors protect them from the elements and create an insulating air space between the doors. Those designed to be entirely removed and stored, although others have screens which can be interchanged with glass or acrylic panels for use during warmer weather. Self-storing models allow the glass/acrylic panels to slide into another position on the door without needing to be removed.
For storm windows some manufacturers use tempered glass to provide protection from debris, while others may use polycarbonate plastics instead of glass. When purchasing storm windows, it is important to decide between interior and exterior models. If the standard window unit swings outward or local ordinances prohibit exterior modifications, interior storm windows may be necessary. Other standard sashes should allow for exterior storm windows, which basically act as a reinforced second set of windows, not just a protective barrier.

Not only do storm windows and doors protect your home from storms and inclement weather but they are also known to protect your wallet. Many homes utility is the most expensive bill. Energy efficient storm windows and doors thanks to innovative technologies not only minimize the amount of energy used in the home and businesses today but also make your home more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Storm windows provide another layer of insulation to your home and can dramatically decrease energy bills. The extra layer keeps the sun from beaming in your home and fading your carpet, hardwood floors, drapes, and furniture. In addition the harmful sun rays, these windows can also provide a muffler to reduce the noise from inside if you are having a party or practicing the tuba or outside activity. In

Benefit to older homes:
Interior storm windows are perfect for older homes because they are installed on the inside and will not change the exterior charm of the current windows. Cost wise, since these storm windows are installed from the inside, they won’t weather under nature’s conditions. Other positive attributes regarding interior storm windows are that they can be taken down during the summer to allow in breezes or they can be left up year round, able to fit any-sized rectangular window and most other shapes as well.

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