Tips on How to Clean Vinyl Siding Without Really Maintaining It

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Tips on How to Clean Vinyl Siding Without Really Maintaining It

Yes, we know that vinyl siding is the most durable and may be the most lasting siding material next to brick and stone. But don’t treat it like Iron Man, because it isn’t. It is somewhat brittle and heavy objects unceremoniously propped onto its side will cause it to break and sport holes that will only be repaired by replacing, at worst, the entire area.

Aside from that, vinyl siding is very maintenance free. You’d only have to periodically wash its surface to remove dirt, dust, and stain that may have gotten on its surface. And just like any plastic, it can be cleaned with a regular soap and brush. Vinyl is also remarkably durable; it only needs to be replaced every 30 years minimum. It outlasts aluminum for that span of time; it is highly probable that aluminum by then will be sporting dents, holes and depressions here and there. Barring coloring problems, vinyl can withstand easily any force.

However, there’s always a set of commandments that should be followed to ensure that these vinyl sidings last that amount of time. Here’s a countdown.

* Vinyl is a hard plastic that can be brittle. Avoid plunking heavy objects onto its face. If necessary, prop it with care.

* Earlier models are poorly rated for colors that cover the surface. This is evident when scratches upon the face reveal lighter colors. In today’s manufacturing, however, colors are baked into the depth of the vinyl siding. When scratched, those lines will often be invisible since colors are now true and uniformly the same underneath. Still, it is best to avoid scratching the siding even if only to retain is natural glossing.

* Since its construction only involves in snapping the edges together, vinyl sidings tend to leak a lot. So, check periodically channels and punch holes into bottom siding to allow penetrated water to escape.

So, the next question would be how to clean vinyl siding. As was discussed, soap and water can do the job. Even casual rinsing with a moderately powered hose will be enough as long as you take care that water won’t be entering forcibly through the gaps.

There will be time when stains appear and conventional detergent can’t remove them. So, how to clean vinyl sidings with this kind of dirt is our next point of interest.

Using Restora® Heavy Duty Cleaner available at is an immediate answer. This cleaning agent removes deep stains such as mildew, oxidation, chalk, and even algae stains. You ca use it in junction with the Restora® Lo-Lustre Vinyl Revitalizer. This product restores vinyl surfaces to a “brand new” surface and shine.

Be very careful though, on using strong cleaning agents. Some agents will completely remove coloring of vinyl or severely damage it.

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